How to Consign

Bring 5 to 10 items

We will pre-screen your items during our Consignment Bar hours. While we look through your items, look through the shop! You'll receive 10% off your purchase!

Mark Your Calendar

FC Consignors are to check-in with us TWO months after their drop. You can do this by phone message, email or in-store.

Get Paid!

We have options. Use the money you've made as STORE CREDIT for 15% more of what you made or receive a check (same as cash).

What To Bring

Favorites Consignment accepts women's clothing, jewelry, handbags and footwear that are mid to highend designer and/or are unquie in style and one-of-a-kind.

You are invited to bring us 10 items max (per visit).


We take in items that are your "everyday" items to your "high-end" designer pieces. Please click here to find out more on the categories we accept.


Items must be in their best condition and ready to hit the floor. That means we want the best of what you have in your closet. With the large amount of consignorship in our store, we want to make sure we get your items in and out on the sales floor as quickly as possible.

That means: Pressed/Steamed, little to no blemishes, and ready for sale.

Consignments are accepted seasonally.

We are happy to look through your consignment Tuesday - Saturday between 12-4PMĀ (unless otherwise noted or if it is a rainy day).

FC Consignment drops are at a first-come, first-serve basis. Please give yourself some time for us to go through your items.

What Not To Bring

We wish we had all the room in the WORLD to take everyone's consigned items - but we have a few guidelines to help you figure out what to bring us or not to bring us.


Unfortunately, we do not by outright. Anytime you are invited to drop-off a consignment, you will have a scheduled 90-day consignment period.

Not at this time. We will update our website and send out an email once we start collecting them.

No appointment needed. You are welcome and drop-off during our Consignment Bar hours (Tuesday-Saturday: 12-4pm). Please note, no drop-offs on rainy days.

All consignment drop-offs are at a first-come, first-serve basis.

In short, we have had consignments come in that left water-rings, smell, and mold. Please note, if it is raining Favorites Consignment will not take in any consignment.

With that said: We know some folks come a distance to consign with us and we want to make sure that you aren't making an unnecessary trip. If you chose to come in and try your luck, please know it would be at your own risk.

We will only look through 10 items per consignment drop. Please don't bring more than 10 items. We will not swap or look through more than 10.

Yes it does.

We don't notify you when something sells. It is important for our consignors to check-in with us at their "Two-month check-in" if they are wanting any unsold items returned back to them.

Want to know more about the consignment process? Check out our checklist here.

It is two-months from the day that you dropped off your consignment with us.

Our FC Consignment Bar is at a first-come, first-serve basis. Please give yourself some time in your scheduled for us to help you and any other customers that may be ahead of you.

Ready to Consign?

Read through and fill out our FC Consignor Agreement.