Consignor Tips

This section is for our consignors to navigate through our consignment process seamlessly to avoid any donations that can occur after the maturity date.

1. Drop-Off

Consignors are invited to bring 5-10 items into our shop. We select seasonal items based on style, condition, size and purchase history. We prescreen your items and give you any "No-Thank-Yous" within minutes.

2. Add dates to your calendar

We pre-screened your items! Now its time to pull your calendar out.

1st Date: You will be given a date to be invited to drop-off another consignment.

2nd Date: Mark your calendar two months from the day that you dropped to check-in on the status of your consignment.

3. Check-In

There are three ways to check-in on your account.

1. Email (Fastest response)
2. Phone Message (707-433-2660)
3. In-Person (Tues-Sat 12-4PM)

All you have to say,"I'm checking in." We will verify your email and send a confirmation email on the soonest pick-up date.

4. Pick-up Date

You recieved your email confirmation and have a date to pick-up any unsold items and a check.

Pick-ups are available during our Consignment Bar hours (Tues - Sat 12-4PM).

Just share you are here for a "Scheduled Pick-Up" and we'll take care of the rest.

5. Repeat

Now we repeat the process each time you consign with us! We hope this helps you with keeping up with your account.

Our consignment bar is open Tuesday-Saturday 12PM - 4PM for your drop-off, pick-up, and consignment questions.


Unfortunately, we will only look through 10 items. However, we will give you a date (#2 above) to drop-off another round of 5-10 items.

Our consignors have a 90-day consignment period from the time it is inventoried in our shop. But don't let all those numbers mess you up.

All you got to do is "Check-in" at your two month mark (Tip #3) and we will do the rest. That is our promise to our consignors.

If you wait too long then your items might be subject to donation and we don't want that to happen. We want you to have the choice.

That is why it is best to get as close to the two-month mark date, so we can assess your account and make sure your unsold items are coming back to you with your selected payout.

We want to make this as simple as possible not only for you but for our team. Here are some great words to say and define your request.

These words are best to help you when you are adding into your calendar:

FC Next Drop Date: This is a date we give you to bring in your next consignment of 5-10 items.

Check-In Date: This date is the sweet spot for you to reach out to us (by email, voicemail, or in-person). Just share that you are checking in and we will do the rest!

Pick-up Date: This is date given to you when we send you a confirmation email.This email is initiated only when you have checked in with us.

We want you to have the best experience from start to finish. But we can't do it without your help. Please remember that is your responsibility to check-in on your consignor account.

There are many factors that are part in the start to finish process of your items.

When we receive your items we do not start your consignment date on that day. Your consignment goes through a cycle: Drop-Off, Screening, Inventory, Tagging & Steaming, Season Release Date and How many consignors are closing out in a single month.

We take pride on how we present yours and others items in the shop and want to make sure your unsold items and payout happens in a timely manner that works for our staff to complete with detail and correctness.

If you happen to have any concerns with our internal process, please let us know and we can schedule a time and date to have a 15-minute meeting to discuss how we operate for our consignors.

Not usually. Your 90 day consignment starts as soon as it is inventoried. Depending on

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