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Pricing Consignment: 

  • Items are screened and priced by Favorites Consignment.
  • We price based on condition, style, and demand.
  • Items are subject to discount schedules, sales and promotions

Consignor Commissions:

  • Consignors can receive up to 55% for a single item based on the price it sold (excluding taxes).
  • $0.00 to $150.00 the consignor receives 35%
  • $150.99 to $500.00 the consignor receives 45%
  • $500.99+ the consignor receives 55%

Consignor Payouts:

  • Payout store credit, checks and pick-up of any unsold items are available at the request of the consignor after the maturity date of your consignment (90-Day consignment period).
  • Payouts are at the request of the consignor prior to the consignment maturity date (via email, or by phone message)
  • Payouts are issued every twice a month
  • Consignors can get a payout in store credit with an additional 15% more added into your store credit
  • Consignors can collect a check (same as cash)
  • Consignors up to 30 days from their confirmed payout date to pick-up date to collect payout and unsold items. If items are not collected, items are subject to donation. If funds have not been collected or used within 1 year of the maturity date, the funds will move to store credit automatically.


  • Items must be ready to go out on the floor. Please make sure items are steamed, cleaned, and pockets are checked. Items that don't meet these requirements are subject to being returned.
  • No-Thank-Yous, Damaged, Overlooked and Unsold Items that are past their expiration date will be considered abandoned and are subject to donation.
  • It is the responsibility of the consignor to check in on their account by leaving a phone message or sending an email through our website (click here to send an email).
  • We pride ourselves on safeguards to keep your items in the condition that you brought them to us. However, all consignments are left at the consignor's risk. Favorites Consignment is not responsible for damage, theft, fires, or loss of any items.
  • Favorites Consignment reserves the right to refuse service, suspend and terminate consignorship.


  • All luxury and most high-end purses & accessories are authenticated in-house and with a third-party authentication. Fee start at $25.00
  • Any items that are in need of a steam, polish or mend of a flat fee of $5.00/per item.
  • Any items that are pulled before the maturity date are subject to an early processing fee of $5.00/per item.

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